MSci Project

 We used data from the newly launched Parker Solar Probe to Connect Spacecraft Observations to features on the Sun’s Surface.


Read an overview of the MSci project


View some of the animations made as part of the project


See the results of the flight, including Pictures and Videos


Read our guide on how to launch a balloon, and learn from our mistakes


Read how we investigated the ozone layer and atmospheric structure with our HAB

High Altitude Balloon

Read the story of our High Altitude Balloon (HAB) launch, including the pictures and video we recorded.
You can also read the report I wrote using the data gathered from our i2c sensors.


 Look at some of the photos I have taken  as a hobby


All the work I completed as an physics undergraduate at Imperial College London.

Year 1

All the first year assignments I completed.

Year 2

All the assignments I completed for second year.