I made this tutorial within Obsidian itself, as you can only appreciate the connected nature of the notes by playing around with them. Therefore, I hope to show, rather than tell, you how it works.

This vault comes with some plugins and templates pre-installed, which hopefully gives you a good base to try out Obsidian and see if you like it.


Install Obsidian and download the repository .

Inside Obsidian, “open folder as vault” which should open up the start page (Notes/Obsidian). If not then open this file and the tutorial will continue from there.

To allow third party plugins, you will need to go into settings and enable community plugins (Settings > Community plugins)

How it works

Obsidian is a note taking app, where essentially you are just editing text files with a few extra bells and whistles. The key is that you can link notes together with simple wiki link (they look like [[this]]). This allows structure to form as you write down ideas, so you don’t need to create a complex folder structure.

By linking these ideas together, structure can naturally form that matches your way of thinking. You also get a cool graph like this: